The Lightning/Marcus Swanson

The Lightning
Robot tuxedo by tubzgn-d4xink2
Vital statistics



Electronics Designer/Engineer












Slender but very well toned




                                           -Nobody Ever

More Information

            The Lightning uses a lot of advanced technology most likely stemmed from his occupation. He uses top notch weaponry and an equally advanced suit to match. He is highly skilled with these weapons as well as his fists. He is a genius in terms of electronic and robotics engineering to the degree of creating advanced nanomachines. His particular expertise residees in knowledge on magnetism and electricity. His desings are often purchased by manufacturers to power their factories efficiently. 

Skills/Powers- He trains under Shen Feng the martial arts god. His fighting style is a mixed blend of Wing Chun concepts and the Muay Boran. Without assistance of weapons he can easily take down an average man. He can lift up to 400 pounds at maximum and averages 250 pounds. By utilizing the one inch punch technique he can push out 2000 punds of force.


Robot tuxedo by tubzgn-d4xink2

The Tesla Suit

The Tesla Suit is what gives him his namesake. It is a lightweight and flexible robotic suit made up of billions of highly intelligent nanomachines. It increases Marcus' strength and speed 5 times its normal and increases his durability by the same amount. The suit is self sufficient and is stored within a capsule that Marcus keeps hidden on his person. The suit can absorb nearly limitless amounts of electricity and performs in response to this. By tapping into his by itself he can doube his strength or his speed for about 10 seconds with a 20 second recharge. The suit can hold its own against superhuman foes to a limit as the nanomachines can be damaged and his suit will fall apart over time exposing himself to fatal injury.

Archaic Power Fist Termi

The Thunder Fist

The Thunder Fist is a seperate piece of machinery employed by The Lightning to provide more efficient combat with more physically daunting opponents. They give him strength equivalent to his power boost mode but does not allow for any further increases in output aside from outside charge sources.

Beam Saber by LupusOniisama

The Claiomh Solais Model I

The Claiomh Solais Model I is much like the Thunder Fist as it requires the same charge. It is essentially a gratified plasma cutter. Although powerful it isn't commonly used since it's use in battle would more than likely cause casualties.

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Biometrix - System Overload05:33

Biometrix - System Overload

Battle Theme for The Lightning

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