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Vital statistics



Member of The Lightning's team




Genetically Altered Human






Shy, innocent, and unstable


Skinny with no bust but has very full hips and posterior.


She is susceptible to fire and .30 caliber or higher rifle bullets. Sustains blunt force trauma over 2 tons and can be emotionally unstable at times.


                                           -Nobody Ever

More Information

         Despite her frail size she actually has superhuman strength. With the ability to life 5 to 10 tons making her the bruiser of The Lightnings team. Her mouth can actually open up more than usual causing her cheeks to split open revealing a row of sharp hidden teeth. Her nails are also razor sharp. Both her teeth and nails are imbued with Wurzite Boron Nitride a substance harder than diamond. Despite this she is more of a pacifist preferring to use her strength as to avoid killing someone. For this reason she wears kevlar gloves outside of battle to protect her friends.

Powers/skills- She has superhuman strength and her teeth and nails are razor sharp. Lenore has been modified on the genetic level by Alan Ericson's biogenetics division of his empire. She has enough strength to shatter bone to dust and hammer steel.


Basic body shape silhouette

No equipment.

Because her teeth and nails are so sharp she has the ability to cut or bite through most anything. They are made of Wurzite Boron, a substance more durable than diamond. She is much more agile than natural and has a pointed tongue that has reptilian flexibility and is an amazing 5 inches. She was designed to be a predator to mankind and her powers certainly reflect this.

Relations to Other characters



For several years a man named Alan Ericson comissioned a group of ex-nazi scientists to take the helm of their old research in an attempt to create a super weapon. By taking the genes of several animals and creating countless horrors their research bore fruit. They created a deadly weapon under the guise of an innocent looking young woman. The process was to train her into being the very destruction of our governments by invading them at the social level and killing the leaders. However, this was discovered by the government and the program was cut off early. She managed to escape and retreated into the abandoned subway system to live in seclusion for most of the world.

Theme Songs

Vortek - Necro

Vortek - Necro

Theme Song for Lenore

Her ghost in the fog - Cradle of Filth Instrumental Cover

Her ghost in the fog - Cradle of Filth Instrumental Cover

Battle Theme for Lenore

Moonlight Menschen - myuu

Moonlight Menschen - myuu

Death Song for Lenore