Alan Ericson

Alan Ericson
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Head of The Organization










Morbid and Insane


Very well built




                                                 -Nobody Ever

More Information

         A master of military combat and was trained to resist even the most horrific pain. He knows how to stage the perfect Black Operation with assassination and torture being his specialties. He has a great knowledge of nuclear sciences allowing him to create a variety of deadly high tech weaponry. He also has a silver tongue and has influence in most other shady armed organizations. Focuses on use of weaponry and has countless amounts at his disposal.

Skills/Powers- He is imbued with microscopic uranium allowing him to lift a ton and cant resist tremendous forces usually only being thrown when hit. He also has a high resistance to radiation.


Pending Approval

Needs Picture

Alan's custom 4 barelled machine pistol that fires FN 5.7x28mm armor piercing rounds. Each round is custom made with depleted uranium or "nanopalm" cores. While he has many weapons at his disposal this is his "pride and joy". He prefers to use this weapon and for good reason.

Pending Approval

Needs Picture

Nanopalm, simple nanobots that invade the microscopic holes in a material and consumes the material. In response the bots expell high levels of heat making them excellent for soft targets and larger ordinance.

Relations with Other Characters



        Alan Ericson at the age of 23 enlisted in the marines. His amazing resolve and immense willpower made him one of the deadliest soldiers to ever live. As a result of this he was invited to participate in the development of a super soldier program. He volunteered to undertake a test to teach someone to resist extreme pain. His resolve allowed him to pull through without a hitch and he joined his new team on several missions. His last mission involved a terrorist Volkard Schneider and his machine that could imbue steel with uranium making it perfect nuclear material. In the process of bringing him down the machine broke and painfully imbedded microscopic uranium particles into his cells. He was sent on honorable discharge but he was now equipped with great knowledge and an insatiable desire to breed war.

Theme Songs

Pantera - Electric Funeral (Music Video)06:04

Pantera - Electric Funeral (Music Video)

Theme Music for Alan Ericson

Slayer War Ensemble with lyrics04:52

Slayer War Ensemble with lyrics

Batte Music for Alan Ericson

Die Sonne Satan - Dismal Chant06:02

Die Sonne Satan - Dismal Chant

Death Music for Alan Ericson

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